Netflix Beginner Guide

About The Netflix Streaming Service

Netflix is an online streaming service. You can use Netflix worldwide, the only thing that you need is an internet connection and a Netflix subscription. It is also possible to watch Netflix movies when you don’t have an internet connection. But it is only possible to watch movies in offline modes when you downloaded them in the Netflix app. Read on if you want to know more about Netflix.

How to use Netflix

How to use Netflix? Netflix is really simple to use. The first thing that you need is a Netflix account. If you haven't a Netflix account, you can sign up at the official Netflix site. How to use Netflix after you signed up? Download the app on your Tablet (Android or IOS), Smartphone (Android or Ios) or laptop. Sign in with your account. After you logged into Netflix, a movie wall will appear (watch the image below). Click on one of the images in the Netflix app and the movie start automatically.

What is netflix

What to do without a Netflix account?

Without a Netflix account, it isn't possible to watch movies. Netflix is worldwide the most famous streaming service for movies. You can try Netflix one month for free. Beside of the trial, you can also get a Netflix Gift Card. With this Gift Card you don't need a credit card for the payments.

Why should you use illegal movie streams?

There isn’t any reason to stream illegal movies. Why should you watch illegal movie streams if you can watch legal movies and series on Netflix for a fine price. We know that Netflix doesn’t offer movies that are still playing in cinemas. But Netflix provides a lot of recent movies and series. Beside of that, they offer movies in your own language and subtitles in your language for the movies that aren’t in your languages. Netflix also offers personalized playlists with movies that you would like for sure!

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