Free Gift Card Codes

Free Gift Card Codes are easily earned, here on FGO Rewards. 

Play video games, watch awesome game trailers and download mobile apps to earn points for free gift cards in our reward shop. The good thing is that no surveys are required. 

Start Earning your Free Gift Card Code Today!

Play Video Games

Spend your time playing awesome video games and earn points directly.

Watch Video's

Get rewarded for watching awesome game trailers, cooking videos and more.

Complete Surveys

Our advertisers care about your opinion and want to reward you for sharing.

Earn Gift Cards

Earn Reward points and claim one of our 40+ brands of free gift card codes.

How to get Free Gift Card Codes?

It has never been easier to get Free Gift Cards Codes! With FGO Rewards, you can start earning digital gift cards instantly.

Create an account and navigate to the "Top Offers" to take a look at our best earning offers. Select the ones you like and complete them to receive your reward points.

Now, use the reward points to claim one of our 40+ different Gift Card Codes for free without human verification.

We will send the Digital Code of choice to the email you have registered with your account. This is done within two business days, but usually on the same day.

It is important to realize, that we are 100% transparent in the amount of reward points you will receive for each completed offer. The amounts become visible once you login.

Don't forget to checkout the Gift Card Codes listed below to get an idea of all our prizes. Now, start collecting your reward points and claim your first prize!

Free Gift Card Codes with Reward Points

Watch The Video Tutorial

Select from our list of Digital Gift Card Codes

Save up enough points to claim one of the following free Gift Card Codes and claim your price. You will receive the digital code on your registered email. For this reason, it is highly recommended to  provide the right email.

How does it work?

There are a lot of advertisers in the world who'd love to pay for your opinion. We are the intermediate that creates the connection between you and the advertiser. When you provide your opinion, the advertiser is willing to pay for it. In addition, you can also download mobile apps, play games, watch advertisements and subscribe to newsletters. Your opinion and the actions you take on our website are worth money to our advertisers. We use the income from advertising to purchase Free Gift Cards for all our users.

free gift card codes

FGO Rewards Dashboard

Select your favorite device to start earning!

Collect points on all your favorite devices. It doesn't matter whether you prefer an Android smartphone, Iphone, Android tablet, Ipad, laptop or computer. Furthermore, The Online Reward System is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and Linux. You can use one single login for each device you wish to use. Some of our competitors create seperate platforms for each device. Here, you can always continue where you left on another device. Switch between your computer and mobile phone easily. It doesn't matter whether you are sitting in the car with your smartphone. Showering with your water proof tablet, or sitting behind your computer. There is always a convenient way to collect more points to receive Digital Gift Cards.


About - Free Gift Cards Online

Welcome to our Online Rewards System to earn Free Gift Cards in return for your time! Create an account and spend your time filling in simple and free offers. Completing an offer will only take a few minutes of time and adds reward points to your account. Once you have saved enough points, redeem a Gift Card of choice. In total, it should only take a few hours of your time, to claim your first reward. It doesn't limit to one reward. You can spend as many of your time earning points. The rewards are unlimited.

In us, you will find a long term partner to earn free prices. Whenever you have a few hours of spare time. You can come and visit us to earn some additional reward points. In addition, the points you will earn are stored for a life time. We will never remove the reward points added to your account. Because this system is made with one sole purpose: "To provide everyone with the chance to get Free Gift Cards". We know that there are are a lot of people who don't have enough money to get the gift cards they want. Therefore, you can use our service to exchange your time for a gift of choice!

Generators are scam

Watch out for scam generators

There are a lot of scam websites on the internet, who claim to provide free gift cards. It seems like these websites are created for pure scam. They will lure you to fill in one single offer for a huge reward. These websites are usually referred to as Gift Card Generators or Gift Card Code Generators. We recommend you to stop wasting your time on these websites. They never work! Instead, spend your time with FGO Rewards. Because we deliver every single gift card that is claimed by our users.

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